GRANEX™ is a matt finish that is ideal for subtle design applications. GRANEX™ is a high quality non-reflective and non-directional finish.

GRANEX™ is supplied in various coarsenesses of finish which provide different levels of reflectivity.

Consistent bead blast finish on sheet material
Rimex is expert at raw material selection and the provision of finishes on metals. Most bead blast manufacturers are not used to manufacturing sheet bead blast product and selecting suitable raw material. As a consequence the consistency of finish can be poor. Rimex has this expertise with the result that GRANEX™ is a reliably consistent finish.

Raw material management
With all the finishes manufactured by Rimex, raw material selection is crucial to the standard and quality of the final product that is supplied. Rimex is expert in material handling having been in the metal finishing industry since 1959.



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