Quality is our major concern, and so we maintain the supreme quality of standards in the course of our dedicated staffs and comprehensive infrastructure. We make sure that the premium quality of material is being used for our products. Also to make sure in offering the highest quality of the material, we are offering Materials Test Certificate together with the supply. Our panel of specialists maintains a vigil on the supreme quality of our products. In addition, every single quantity is being attached by means of reports and test certificates. We are ceaselessly refining our quality to aid our patrons better.

Our Excellence & Quality Objectives:

Objectivity & Independence, Practical Benefits to Customers, and Scientific & Technical Quality are being considered as the prime elements to be important for the inclusive quality of our company services.

  • Independence & Objectivity.
  • Technical & Scientific Quality.
  • Practical Benefits to Clients.

Quality Assurance & Quality Control :

The system of quality assurance is being channeled by values that upkeep our sole operational culture that integrates respect, open communication, self-management, and creativity.

We also exercise rigorous quality control methods for certifying the mechanical properties and precise dimensions of our products. In addition, our system of quality assurance assures the products to pass through after certain practices and quality systems such as:

  • Supplementary and Certification Test
  • Marketing and Finishing.
  • The unimpeachable quality criterions of our range of products along with services that have backed hugely to the accomplishment of our business.
  • Material Control System
  • Dimensional and Machining Control
  • Process Control System

Principles :
  • We endeavor to be the finest qualities and machineries in our production.
  • We care in relation to our customer's money and time.
  • We do our out-and-out preeminent to rectitude our words and patron trust on us.
  • We go all-out to constantly act by means of commitments and integrity.

Our Quality Standards :

The unpleasantness of deprived quality relics long once low pricing is over and done. As a result, we trail strong extent of the quality checking. Understanding our clients’ demand and making sure to supply according to these demands is realized by means of the aid of Quality Control & Quality Assurance at Anil Metal Corporation.

In our viewpoint, quality is not merely the defect free and durability nature of the product but the applicability and utility of it to please the sole persistence for which it was purchased. As a result, we are dedicated to manufacture these products, which can gratify different purposes and requirements. We have approved rigorous measures of quality control to ensure zero defects and grander quality products. Furthermore, quality is being inspected at varied phases of production, where the raw material we use is obtained merely from the established and reliable vendors.