Textured Finishes Sheets

Anil Metal Designs is a known manufacturer and exporter of Patterned Finishes, which are being used in the industry of lighting for to break up the glare. The patterning course upsurges the rigidity and strength of metal allowing well-lit devices to be used by means of subsequent savings of weight and its cost. The application industry uses of our Textured Stainless Steel since they offer heat dissipation and insulation benefits. The patterning procedure offers an abridged contact area, accordingly plummeting friction hitches common in drink, food, and photographic equipment, where further this can suggestively accelerate the flow of production. As an uninterrupted significance of the durability and strength benefits offered by this product, long term cost savings are being offered in the replacement and maintenance of applications like elevators, doors, columns, etc.

Our Etched SS Sheet from Anil Metal Designs are well-grounded, having used for over years for the reason that of their durable properties. The occurrence of this product will hide dents, scratches, and other-related impact mutilation unlike polished metals and plain flat which as well voluntarily disclose lightest of the effect. Meanwhile, Oil canning can be condensed by applying our Patterned Stainless Steel Sheet to offer an enhanced optical smoothness making the material idyllic for cladding methods. This product offers a big range of symmetrical and random designs which are quite attractive and modern in appearance. Our product is available in market leading prices for our esteemed clients.





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